5 of the Best Sustainable Podcasts to Listen to Now

5 of the Best Sustainable Podcasts to Listen to Now

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We've compiled a list of our favourite sustainably minded podcasts we recommend to tune in and chill out to over your summer break.

We know that it feels daunting at times, doom and gloom is prominent when it comes to the planet and the heavy weight it can place on us as individuals. Creating a more more environmentally conscious way of being is important to us at Original Weekend, it's one of the key reasons we started this sustainable menswear brand. But we also know that with all the overwhelm, there should (and can) be easy steps to take to make a difference and play your part. So here are a list of easily digestible, informal, and fact-filled sustainable podcasts to listen to over your summer holidays.


Hosted by Presenter and Comedian Veronica Milsom this ABC podcast is your dive into the fast-fashion world, but in a light-hearted, only a snorkel required kind of way. This podcast covers everything from how big brands market to you to encourage endless consumerism, how greenwashing is being utilised and how to avoid it, as well as the shocking statistics that drive the Fast-Fashion market. Easy listening and laughs balance out the informative nature of the podcast making it a perfect podcast while you lounge by the pool. 
Listen to Threads here


R.I.P. Sustainababble, this much loved British comedy podcast has just wound down. But rest assured, if you're really enjoying the LOLs you can settle in with this weekly podcast going back to (what feels like a lifetime ago) 2015. Ol and Dave cover a plethora of concepts from the topical through to the obscure - I wasn't thinking about Ladybugs (Ladybirds in proper England english) and their part in this conversation... but now I certainly am. 
Check out Sustainababble here

Think: Sustainability

Ok, you're having a break, but you still want some mental stimulation. Think: Sustainability might just be the podcast for you. Heavier on the hard facts and details, this news podcast offers enlightenment in relation to all things Australian Climate change related. 
Find Think: Sustainability here

The Climate Question

Taking a global view of the climate impact this BBC produced podcast is all about the big questions. Featuring regular expert guests and presenters this podcast is intelligent and thoughtful, but compact in it's 30mins per episode - so you can take it piece at a time to avoid the environmental overwhelm. 
Listen to The Climate Question here

The Little Green Pod

Did I mention Summer Holidays is the intro? We should be so lucky! Maybe you're a little like us, not much chance for down time, but it's great to have something to pop on for those in-between moments, for that commute, to fill that 10 minutes. Well then, The Little Green Pod has got you covered, short sharp episodes filled with hot tips and thoughtful commentary on Australian life and taking that sustainability journey.
Find out more about The Little Green Pod here
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