About Us

Founders: Rob and Ash 

Who we are

Original Weekend is an independent menswear brand dedicated to enhancing your summer wardrobe with sustainable style in a vibrantly creative, yet comfortable way to enable you to wear your pieces dawn to dusk. Because summer is easy, so your style should be too. We want you to be able throw on your favourite OW piece and let the day take you where it may.


Ash & Rob began Original Weekend in 2018 after years of trying to introduce more sustainable and ethical practices in the Australian menswear space and finding a glaring gap of what was available on the market. We didn’t want to compromise on quality, on fit, on design any longer and we knew that sustainability had to be a must.


Each sustainable menswear range is created with an overarching theme and heroes’ hand-drawn prints created in-house. Ash grew up in an artistic family and has applied this life-long-love of colour and vibrancy into pieces that offer quirky charm, yet sophisticated styling. It’s all about being Original, we take inspiration from nature, from adventures, from every day.


We have been described as “Authentic” (actual review!) and that is exactly how we approach Original Weekend.


What we stand for

It is our mission to create a truly sustainable menswear brand – that means all our products must meet a high standard of quality and come from recycled or organic sources. Our entire Eco Men’s Swim Short range is made from post-consumer plastic bottles diverted from landfill into something that looks much nicer on the beach. Whilst all cotton pieces, including our t-shirts and sweats range, are made from 100% certified Global Organic Textile Standard cotton.


This mission doesn’t just stop at fabrications. Our manufacturing partners are all third-party accredited to ensure that globally established ethical practices are adhered to and championed. This includes ensuring there is no forced or child labour utilised, a right to collective bargaining and freedom of association, occupational safety practices and anti-discrimination policies and practices.


We believe that in creating a purpose driven brand it is essential we consider all aspects of design and production, through to the use of carbon-neutral shipping partners. We are always seeking to improve and hope to continue this passion for many summers to come.


Why it’s better

The quality of Original Weekend’s pieces is second to none. We have developed fits that provide all-day comfort and work to enhance your best features, whilst providing a flexibility in style that allows you to wear when the sun is shining and even when it’s not, hello Soft Touch Hoodie on the couch.


Our use of sustainable fabrics is not only utilised for their planet friendly nature, but because they are better quality too!

All Original Weekend t-shirts, sweats and hoodies are crafted with Organic Cotton which naturally has a softer hand feel, washes and wears beautifully, giving it an enduring quality. It also breathes, so you won’t get a clammy stuffy feeling when wearing.

Our Recycled Polyester men's swimwear has a silk-like touch, moves with you and is as light as air. It’s ability to hold onto vibrant colour wear after wear means that your shorts will continue to look amazing all summer long, and hence keeping you looking amazing too.