Welcome to the Original Weekend Musings

Welcome to the Original Weekend Musings

We've Got Things to Say (Apparently) 

We’re blogging now… this is a thing we’re doing.


Welcome, welcome to the Original Weekend Blog where we’re going to get into sustainability, into your favourite OW details, behind the scenes and so much more (the bar is raised high! Expectations of reality to be considered).


Rob and I have always approached Original Weekend as a all-encompassing, 360 degree view of sustainable men’s style – ensuring that all our products use sustainable fabrications, timeless designs, limited production runs and ethically partnering with factories who hold our same values.


In saying that, we think it’s time that we continue this journey by sharing a bit more about Original Weekend, our design process, who we are and what we think is important to our community.


It may at times come across as a thought bubble, but hopefully you’ll appreciate our perspectives and our learning journey with you.


So, if you have anything you want to hear our thoughts on or insight into, please do us a solid favour and send through your ideas here.


Watch this space!

Ash & Rob
Founders of Original Weekend
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